Drug Research and Clinical Trials Move East

December 16, 2010

It looks like the Clinical Trials markets are drying up here in the States.  At first, Clinical Trials were exported to other countries to get larger pools of people at lower costs (less regulation).  Now the pharmaceuticals are realizing that the Asian Markets in particular have a lot of disease left to cure, which means more customers.

Slim picken’s means these Corporations are retreating to greener pastures.

Liver disease is a huge killer in Asia.  Pfizer is now working on an ant-inflammatory compound to treat the disease.

Johnson and Johnson is now having clinical trials move east are now working on a joint venture with Beijing university to research new drugs to treat the many infectious disease endemic to the region.

Region specific diseases not specific to the West that were previously overlooked are now being reconsidered.

Little Benefit When clinical trials move east

The research has relatively little short-term benefit, as the research cycles are very long.

Other diseases now a focus of the Pharmaceuticals are Stomach Cancer and Tuberculosis.

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